Link Roundup

A weekly-ish roundup of health and food-related news.

In my browser this week:

  • NY Times’ coverage of how pizza is a vegetable in the eyes of Congress. If we eat all our vegetable using vehicles of refined, bleached wheat dough and melted cheese, we are in big trouble.
  • And an in-depth-er look at that issue from Michele Simon that examines the politics of the whole deal. (via)
  • NPR’s piece on how the obesity epidemic is expected to grow even worse! Scary stuff.
  • And finally, to make up for my bashing of the traditional Thanksgiving plopped-out-of-the-can cranberry sauce, it seems that while most canned Thanksgiving foods have BPA, the maroon blob does not.

But really, BPA or not, isn’t the SOUND it makes when it splooshes out of the can enough to make you second-guess eating it? Just me?


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