What I’m Reading: Revive

I am currently reading Revive, by Dr. Frank Lipman. It was recommended by a very thoughtful woman I follow on Twitter named Becca; check out her current blog Stumble and Leap, though I found her through her wedding blog A Los Angeles Love which I read religiously while planning my own wedding. We drew a lot of inspiration from her wedding writing/photos, and her blog is full of great practical/logistical tips as well. So, if anyone out there is planning a wedding, read up!

So, Revive. I am not one to go in for all these crazy fad diets. I think they’re unhealthy, unnatural and unsustainable (I’m looking at you, Atkins!). JD and I aren’t looking to lose weight, but a number of recent events have me pushing  towards overhauling our diet and striving to make healthier choices. These events, in no particular order, include:

  • Me reading In Defense of Food and watching Food, Inc.
  • A number of health issues on my side of the family. None of these can be directly linked to poor diet or chemical/hormone/antibiotic contamination in food, but all are enough to make me go “Hm.”
  • Getting married. I know most people go on diets BEFORE the big day, and I certainly tried to look my best for our wedding. But, you guys. Marriage is huge. Nothing much changed for us externally, we lived together before the wedding for 2 years and all that, but internally? Everything has this weight now, there’s always another person to consider. We are a little baby family. And I want our family to be as healthy as possible.
I *did* do a good job with my back and arms pre-wedding. Thanks, Jillian Michaels!

After these three events collided to provide me with the drive, I needed the info. I knew I wanted to start buying organic fruits and veggies (for at least those listed on the Dirty Dozen), antibiotic- and hormone-free meat and dairy products, and fewer processed foods. But I needed a plan.

Which leads us to Revive. I am about halfway through reading the book now, though I don’t plan to start the diet until January 3. (more on that below!) I like the book so far. Dr. Lipman’s whole thesis is that there is a new disorder he calls Spent, and it is a byproduct of our current society’s focus on fast, processed foods, busy lifestyles, sitting in chairs all day, etc. So over six weeks he gradually guides you through a holistic overhaul designed to get your mind and body back into a more natural rhythm. Most of this is diet related, and it won’t be easy: cutting out all added sugars, gluten, dairy, processed foods, and caffeine. He also provides very simple exercises and sleep tips. I am digging it so far because unlike other diet plans, this is gradual (most of the big diet changes happen one each week) and holistic (every day there is a plan for eating, moving, breathing and sleeping). He provides recipes in the back for smoothies and other foods that are “allowed” on his list. But he doesn’t yell at you when you mess up, which is also nice.

So, The Plan: I am starting this thing on January 3. And I shall document my progress on this here blog, because nothing motivates quite like the prospect of public shame. Not that I have more than, like, 2 readers right now. But still! JD will not be following along, except for the fact that I cook our dinners so he’ll be eating what I eat for that meal. He will, however, bear the brunt of whatever nasty mood-related side effects come from giving up sugar, so be prepared for that, buddy!

I’ll add a new tag just for this project so you can follow along. I hope it’ll be a fun adventure, that also just happens to increase my energy and stamina tenfold. We shall see!


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