They’re not strangers, I swear. I’ve just never met them.

So last week I had to rush to the post office to send off a gift to someone in CA. I spent most of my lunch hour on Thursday packing it up into a Flat Rate box from USPS and printing out the postage before running it down to the blue mailbox outside our building. (Sidenote: Have you USED flat rate boxes? They are as awesome as the commercials make them seem. For reals.)

Then on Friday I left work early to prepare for a holiday potluck we were throwing at our place (post to come on that). I needed to roll out, cut and bake some sugar cookie, heat up some soup I had made the night before, and cut up veggies for hummus dipping. Oh, and clean/decorate the house and make myself pretty. But I put ALL of that on hold because, lo and behold, I got a package! From Canada! From a woman I have never met!

Package from Canada!

It’s a strange thing to try to explain. There is a group of women on Twitter, and I’ve never met any of them in person, and yet they fill a hole I didn’t really know existed in that whole having-girl-friends-around-to-chat-with part of my life. (Not that I don’t have awesome female friends. But they are all far away or very busy or both, and sometimes you just need a quick check-in on whether anyone else has PAIN in their OVARIES during ovulation, or maybe you really have appendicitis and you should go to the ER? kind of thing.) They are the Nosy Bitches.

I think most of us found each other through reading A Practical Wedding, though a majority of us are married now, some for years. I have to admit, I’m not very active on Twitter compared to some of these women. I often don’t jump into the conversations unless I know I have something valuable and unique to add. But just seeing the conversations happen, knowing there’s this group of women who are dealing with the same issues I am, who think like I do, is invaluable. (And the fact that we call ourselves Nosy Bitches ratchets up my bad-ass quotient a bit, which I am totally psyched about.)


So, my gift! It is from Nina (@greyandshiny), and she MADE ME JEWELRY. WITH HER HANDS. Amazing. Best of all, she made it purple to match this blog! My new little teeny tiny baby blog now has MATCHING JEWELRY! (Too many caps? I love this gift, so I don’t care.) I wore the necklace that night for my party, and got to tell everyone about how it was from a stranger. But not really.



7 responses to “They’re not strangers, I swear. I’ve just never met them.

  1. Yay!! Those are super awesome!

    Don’t you just love the NosyBitches?

  2. What a neat present! Seeing everyone starting to post about their Nosy Bitches gift is so, so exciting!

  3. YAY!!!! I’m so glad you like it!

    And yes, you nailed it about the importance of our online community. While I too have some lovely female friends in ‘real life’ they are also very busy and mostly far away. This community helps so much! And sending gifts makes it seem a little more real – someone out there is sending me A GIFT in the mail! 😉

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  5. My ovaries totally, totally hurt when I ovulate. It’s the FUNNEST. But also makes all that ish easy to track. Silver lining? I guess?

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