Rocking the hell out of 2012

So, new year, resolutions, fresh start, clean slate, yadda yadda. I don’t normally believe in using this one arbitrary time of year to start something; if you’re going to make a change, make a change now, don’t wait for a weird holiday, you know?


This year feels a little different. It’s probably due to the whole got-married-in-July thing, with a little bit of been-looking-for-a-new-job-for-6-months thrown in. Whatever the cause, I am feeling ready for a re-charge this New Year’s. Add to that my plan that I’ve already told you about to start the Revive diet on January, and we are in business!

A bad camera-phone pic of me at Julia Child's Kitchen at the Museum of American History. They are closing this exhibit for renovations starting January 8! I hope to see a lot more of the inside of museums in 2012.

A few of my goals for the year (measurable but attainable, so they might look pathetic. No judging!):

  • Revive Diet, of course. Goal is to stick it out for the full 6 weeks.
  • Speaking of Revive, they recommend pairing the diet with restorative exercise. In addition to at-home poses, I plan to attend at least one yoga class a month. I am already in good shape with this one; I just signed up for a 4-week Yoga for Beginners class given by Capitol Hill Yoga at the Hill Center! I’m not EXACTLY a beginner, but it’s been so long that I want to get back to basics form-wise. I really dig the instructor, she’s taught a few of the Restorative Yoga classes I’ve taken.
  • Speaking of the Hill Center, I’ve recently signed up to volunteer there. My personal goal is to volunteer once a month as a docent, though I’m hoping as I get more involved I’ll be able to up that a bit. It’ll be a good way to meet/interact with people and also actually USE that master’s degree (museum education, FTW).
  • Speaking of using my degree, this next one’s a doozy: apply for at least 4 new jobs a month. This is assuming there will be 4 positions a month worth applying for, which hasn’t been the case in the past couple, but I have hope that other people making New Year’s changes will vacate jobs that I might want.
  • Speaking of new jobs, I definitely need to amp up my networking skills in 2012. Not sure how to quantify this. Make 1 connection (email, phone, in person) a week? That sounds doable. Let’s start here: anyone got a job for me in the DC metro area in museum or theatre education or a related field? Check!
  • And finally, I vow to track down my 401k and 403b from previous jobs by June and roll them over into a new IRA (or some such). I’ve been letting these pots of money sit and moulder for too long, I need to take charge of my finances.

That’s probably good for now. What are your New Year’s Resolutions?


3 responses to “Rocking the hell out of 2012

  1. Finances is one of mine too! I have a terrible feeling that I may have let my small but meaningful pot of 401(k) money from my last job sit for too long.

    I also want to get on the health wagon but in the more get to the doctor and dentist, get the shots, preventative health stuff. Finally signed up to reorder my perscriptions online! Baby steps.

    • I *think* that if you leave them there they just it at whatever percentage they are at, but they are there in perpetuity. I hope so. I need to find someone with much more knowledge on this subject.
      I might have to add “find a new awesome primary care physician” to this list, since my old one left her former practice and I don’t know if her new one takes my insurance.
      Being an adult is kind of exhausting.

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