Revive, Day 1


HALF of this morning's smoothie

Welcome to Day 1! The first task of the diet is surprisingly huge: no sugar. At first I thought, no biggie, I’m more of a savory than sweet girl myself. BUT. This also means no artificial sweeteners or foods with lots of added sugars. So no soda or juice, no breads, crackers, cereal, ketchup, salad dressing, etc. So, harder than I anticipated.

Here are some of the reasons Dr. Lipman gives for cutting out sugars:

  • It’s addictive
  • It leads to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay
  • It contributes to low energy and feeling overwhelmed and has been linked to depression
  • It releases excess cortisol in your system, which can initiate an inflammatory process that researchers think might trigger chronic disease (including cancer)
  • It “feeds” cancer cells
  • It can suppress the immune system
  • It can weaken eyesight and cause premature skin aging
  • It can increase your risk of Alzheimers
  • It can cause autoimmune diseases, arthritis, asthma(!), heart disease, migraines, and MS
  • And, of course, artificial sweeteners have a whole host of issues that have been discussed in lots of different fora. (Did you know that Splenda is chlorinated sugar? So if you’re using it in your coffee you are basically adding chlorine? Yuck.)

Naturally, I can’t cite all the research the book does, and I know full well that some of this may be baloney. But, in my mind, enough of it is true that I’m giving it a shot.

So, how is today going so far? Not too bad. I made one of the morning smoothies (since I couldn’t have my usual cereal), and HOLY CRAP did the recipe produce a lot of smoothie. The photo above is only half the goo. It didn’t taste half bad but there was no way I was going to finish it. I got about two-thirds through. I got a little hungry and cranky about 90 minutes later and had a cheese stick (which will eventually be verboten but not yet). For lunch I had some celery w peanut butter (unsweetened) and a clementine. Now I am eating dill pickles because I am hungry again. What I really should be snacking on is some nuts.

I stopped at Target while running errands and grabbed a big old Nalgene to transport my smoothies in the mornings, since it seems like I won’t be able to finish them before I need to be out the door. Most of the smoothies involve blending frozen fruit, ice, avocados, etc with different powders. Too much work in the morning? We’ll see!

I don’t feel too cranky yet from the sugar withdrawal. The next big elimination will be this weekend, when we get rid of all processed foods. Shouldn’t be too hard since the added sugars gets rid of many already.


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