Revive, Days 2 and 3: Not-So-Smooth(ie)

One of the bedrocks of the Revive Diet is the Breakfast Smoothie. Which makes sense; if you’re eventually going to have eliminated sugar, gluten, processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, and most dairy from your diet, there’s not much left. And the sugar elimination immediately rules out the Kashi cereal I’ve been eating almost every day for the past two years.

The smoothie recipes in the book are fairly varied. Most of them use avocado or frozen banana as a base, add almond milk and filtered water, frozen berries, some whey protein powder and greens powder, and then a handful of ice cubes. Some mix it up with coconut (no thanks) or fresh mint (yum). There’s even one that you just shake up, no blending needed, but that doesn’t seem appetizing yet.

So, smoothies. The first one was a little chunky, but I muscled through it. Also, I was off from work that day so I could really focus on it, you know? The next morning, first day back to work in a while, I managed to blend up my smoothie, throw it in a Nalgene, and head off to work on time, barely. I sipped a little smoothie on the metro. I sipped a little smoothie at my desk. I sipped this smoothie for MORE THAN THREE HOURS before I was done. It was kind of a nightmare. I think most of the problem lay in the not-ripe-enough avocado I was using, so I thought the next morning’s smoothie would be better. NOT SO. A, the avocado hadn’t ripened very much (would love your tricks for getting ripe, creamy avocados!). B, I messed something up, so that it was not so much a thick creamy smoothy as a thin, watery yuckfest. Took me another three hours to choke it down.

So this morning I made some changes. If I were trying to be scientific about things I would have done one change at a time to see what works, but since this is my food we’re talking about I didn’t really care. The first thing I did was ignore the still-hard avocados in the paper bag on my counter. I used plain organic yogurt. Eventually I won’t be able to do this, since we’re giving up dairy in a couple weeks, but for now it is a godsend. The second thing I did was use a straw. And it worked! It was creamy and thick and I drank my smoothie! I drank it up! In less than two hours!

I will keep experimenting, bc something will have to change by the time we get to No Dairy. Other alternative breakfasts suggested in the book include toasted Ezekiel Bread with avocado, and hardboiled eggs. And oatmeal, which I don’t like (it’s a texture thing, much like my issue with the smoothies).

Lunch today: leftover brown rice, chicken breast, arugula, tomatoes in a home-made vinaigrette.

So far, there hasn’t been much of a change. But all we’ve given up is added sugars. Today has been the hardest day for that, what with my officemate bringing in delicious-looking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies her husband baked. Also JD and I are having a date-night tonight. Dinner at Teaism shouldn’t be an issue, they are diet-friendly there, but it will be weird not having a snack at the movies (finally seeing Girl With the Dragon Tattoo!). I can’t say that I am tons more energetic, but I think I’ve handled the whole back-to-work after a long time away better than I have in the past, because I’m less sluggish? As I’ve said before, the real trick for me will be when we go gluten-free, which won’t be until the 11th or so.

Tomorrow night we have two parties, which will be a challenge. I whipped up some vegan thumbprint cookie dough for the first party; it has a modest amount of maple syrup (which I ran out of, so I supplemented with some agave and honey). Since I’m usually the one who brings ridiculously decadent desserts around to parties, I hope folks aren’t disappointed! The second party of the night will be a big-bash farewell to a dear friend who is moving away; I’ve decided ahead of time to allow myself one beer, for me to cry into. Boo to friends leaving!
Our next milestone comes this weekend when we eliminate processed foods. Trying to use up all my beloved frozen Trader Joe’s packages before then! Anyone else out there making changes for the New Year? Seeing results yet?

2 responses to “Revive, Days 2 and 3: Not-So-Smooth(ie)

  1. We’ve been having this SAME PROBLEM with smoothies. I got Jon a Magic Bullet for Christmas (he’s been wanting one for … oh … the entire time we’ve been together) … and he’s determined to get it right. But, they end up too thick or too thin, but either way, nearly unpalatable. Even following the recipe EXACTLY. I’m breaking down and buying yogurt this weekend.

  2. I’m using an immersion blender. Things that I also need to try include cutting the banana/avocado up into smaller pieces, and blending longer (I get a little impatient). I’m also excited about the prospect of using almond butter somehow. Also might try leaving out the greens powder because I have a feeling that is contributing to the grossness. Which might be cheating, but whatever. Good luck to Jon! Let me know if he finds a magic solution!

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