Revive, Day 8: I don’t want to jinx this…

If there is something to know about me, generally, it is that I can always eat. For me, there has never really been much middle ground between being hungry and being sickeningly full; I am usually either one or the other.

But not today! Today I feel sated. I felt it yesterday, too. In fact, I’ve felt it for the past 4 days, but keep thinking it’s some kind of fluke. But now? I don’t think it is. I think this is the way people normally feel an hour or so after eating a meal. Not ravenously hungry, their brains screaming to scrounge up $1.10 for a Twix from the vending machine. Just content, neutral. And I didn’t even have a huge meal! (Though, for the record, it was a little rich: leftover vegan mushroom risotto. Make it NOW, so good!)

I won’t go so far as to say I have a huge new store of energy, but I’m still feeling less lethargic and more awake and have improved concentration. So, all in all, feeling better than usual.

I have had 8 smoothies for breakfast the past 8 mornings. As I mentioned in my last post, some have been better than others. JD was pretty tickled a few mornings a go when he realized that I’m doing my own “Cole-style cooking” w the smoothies–I have stopped measuring the ingredients. If it’s too thick, I add some more water or almond milk. Too thin, more yogurt/banana/avocado. (Also, my avocados are finally ripening. Hallelujah!)

I realized I never set out the calendar for this plan, so I will do so right now in a separate post. To recap, so far we’ve given up sugar and processed foods. I’ve also started a beginning yoga class about which I am psyched. (No, I’m not exactly a beginner, but it’s been long enough that a return to basics is in order. And judging from how sore I still am from the class on Saturday, it was a good call.)

One last administrative note: My apologies for the lack of photos. My startup disk is full, and I need to figure out how to free up some space. I need to do this carefully so I don’t accidentally delete all the wedding photos I’ve had to re-edit (oh, don’t worry, wedding photography post coming soon) or our wedding videos or anything like that. And I’m new enough to blogging that I am hesitant to use photos I find on the web, not sure what is considered stealing. So, in the meantime, a terrible phone camera photo of my lunch last Friday:

Brussels Sprouts and Lentil Soup


One response to “Revive, Day 8: I don’t want to jinx this…

  1. So excited about this! Revive sounds really similar to Paleo, which I’ve been half-assedly doing for months, but will FOR REALZ do starting Wednesday. Even just doing it partway has been hugely beneficial for me. So glad you’re liking it too!

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