The Revive Calendar

In case you want to follow along with my journey. If you are interested in actually doing this; I’d recommend actually getting the book. There are tons of helpful lists, recipes, and exercises that I think are essential to the process.

This outline is very bare-bones, there is often other stuff going on for each of these days. I have coded them for diet stuff (my main concern), body mobility stuff, medical/chemical stuff, and hippie-dippie stuff. These are general categories, and there is some overlap, fyi.

Also, these things aren’t static. Once you eliminate something, it’s eliminated for the whole rest of the remaining time. Exercises are repeated and there is constant checking in.

  • Day 1: Eliminate added sugars (small amounts of agave, honey, maple syrup ok)
  • Day 2: Start smoothies for breakfast, Stop watching TV in bed
  • Day 3: Try the “Ultimate Neck and Shoulder Release” before bed (involves tennis balls)
  • Day 4: Take breaks throughout the day for mindful breathing
  • Day 5: Eliminate processed foods
  • Day 6: Adjust your eating rhythm/meal timing
  • Day 7: Try restorative yoga (some poses explained in book)
  • Day 8: Practice good posture
  • Day 9: Eliminate gluten (half) (this site is helpful for that)
  • Day 10: Add phytonutrients to your diet, eliminate all gluten
  • Day 11: Check in on eating rhythm
  • Day 12: Start tapering off caffeine and alcohol (over the next week)
  • Day 13: Practice restorative exercise
  • Day 14: Be nice to yourself
  • Day 15: Eliminate cow’s milk (dairy)
  • Day 16: Try adaptogens
  • Day 17: Spend time with friends
  • Day 18: Get sunlight (Vitamin D)
  • Day 19: Eat only organic, grass-fed, free-range meat, poultry, and eggs
  • Day 20: Try meditation
  • Day 21: Listen to music
  • Day 22: Eliminate unfermented soy and GMO corn
  • Day 23: Add probiotics to your smoothie
  • Day 24: Don’t overdo it with all this stuff
  • Day 25: Use restorative exercise to combat sitting in a chair all day
  • Day 26: Eliminate household cleaners w harmful chemicals
  • Day 27: Eat seasonally
  • Day 28: Laugh
  • Day 29: Eliminate fish w mercury
  • Day 30: Take Omega-3 Fish Oil
  • Day 31: Be mindful
  • Day 32: Do core-strengthening exercises
  • Day 33: Balance your hormones (might involve doctor visit)
  • Day 34: Physically touch other people
  • Day 35: Forgive someone
  • Day 36: Eliminate medicines and beauty products w harmful chemicals
  • Day 37: Add supplements to support and heal cellular function (like CoQ10)
  • Day 38: Slow Down
  • Day 39: Meditate with nature
  • Day 40: Take stock of program and determine if you have sensitivities to foods/chemicals
  • Day 41: Assess and revise your restorative exercise program
  • Day 42: Practice ubuntu

One response to “The Revive Calendar

  1. Thanks for sharing – I’m really enjoying following your progress, and your breakdown is pretty helpful. I am hoping to get the book soon.

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