Revive, Day 12: Under the Weather

I feel like the phrase “Under the Weather” is really apt for someone like me–because of my asthma and my predisposition to seasonal colds, the weather has a big impact on my health in the short-term. Yesterday it was 60 degrees out and sunny and today the wind is crazy strong and the high is barely 40. We’ve been see-sawing between balmy and cold for a few weeks now, so it’s no surprise I woke up this morning with a sore throat, earache, and icky cough.

I was sick a lot growing up, so these kinds of mornings are old hat. In fact, I keep a small flashlight in my bathroom in case, A, the power goes out, or B, I need to check out my tonsils to see if they’re inflamed/infected/what have you. This morning they’re just red and a little bigger than normal, so no big deal for right now. (TMI? Sorry!)

The one thing that does make me worry is that I am a comfort-food-eater when I am sick, and now that we are down sugar AND gluten, there’s a limit to how much comfort I can get from my food. Last night I was able to get duck carnitas tacos at my favorite taco place by subbing in corn tortillas for flour. And this morning I made an extra-luxurious smoothie, using bananas, strawberries and blueberries, a lot of yogurt and a lot less greens powder.

I’m hoping that my current healthy diet means I will be able to kick whatever this is sooner than later. But I know that some things, like my asthma, aren’t going to go away no matter how healthy my diet is. I’m lucky that it’s really well managed right now with the medicines I’m taking, but along comes a really hot, code red air quality day and I start wheezing. Denying myself gluten won’t change that!

Staying away from gluten has certainly been the hardest thing so far, but I haven’t cheated yet. I have a loaf of Ezekiel Bread in the freezer that I need to take out; I miss sandwiches and toast and grilled cheese. (The last mostly because we had tomato soup for dinner tonight, and while my brown-rice-tortilla-quesadilla thing was fine, nothing beats a grilled cheese w tomato soup.)

Anyone else gluten-free, by choice or because of allergies? How do you deal with cravings?


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