A Quick Check-In, In List Form

  1. Today is Day 19! It’s going well. I miss gluten like crazy, but I’m replacing it with lots of other yummy things like quinoa and sweet potatoes and corn tortillas. The hardest part, unsurprisingly, is eating out.
  2. I have had avocado in all three of my meals today. I’m not sorry.
  3. I’ve lost 7 pounds so far. No big deal. Not my ultimate goal, but it’s nice.
  4. Our landlord is selling our beautiful, amazing condo. Since we don’t want to buy it we need to move out. We have a lot of time before we HAVE to move, but being the people we are, we would rather start looking now and do it on our own timeline than wait to get the official 90 days notice. It turns out rental hunting is a nice substitute for wedding planning. I MAY have already made 2 spreadsheets and a calendar.
  5. We are looking at three different rental options (so far) over the next 2 weeks. And, you guys? They’re HOUSES. With backyards. And stairs. And Sometimes Basements. I think this means we’re adults now.
  6. Because we are rental-hunting we are watching HGTV a lot lately. It makes me yell at the TV. Crazy.
  7. #6 probably deserves its own post, actually.
  8. Go see The Artist. It’s quite good.
  9. Have I mentioned yoga is awesome? My instructor, Tara, is so playful yet calming, and I’m really loving the beginners class. Want to know something weird? I often cry during yoga. During the beginning chanting/breathing and the final savasana. Some folks on Twitter said that is a good sign, that I’m “opening up” or whatever. I dunno.
  10. It’s mid-January and it still hasn’t snowed really. I’m not complaining. And hey, the days are getting longer! We’re gaining a minute of sunlight Every Day.
  11. I hope to be back to more substantial blogging soon. Life is a lot lately. Also my startup disk is still full. I’m a mess. A healthy-eating mess, but a mess nonetheless. (Seussian, a little, no?)

How’s things out there?


One response to “A Quick Check-In, In List Form

  1. You have some fantastic stuff in here, but this is what I latched onto:

    Are we really getting a whole minute each day?! YAY!!!!

    Ah, what winter will do to you.

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