Revive Day 25: In which I express some disappointment

So, as you’ve seen if you’ve been following along, on its face the diet is going well: I haven’t really cheated (besides some alcohol once or twice a week, which I’m supposed to have eliminated completely. But I promise all of it has been gluten-free!), I’m feeling satisfied most of the time without a ton of snacking in between, I’m not feeling terribly deprived. I haven’t had any digestive issues in a good week and a half, which is great for me (TMI? Too bad.).


One of the things that drew me to this diet was the promise of energy. Book reviews and recommendations describe a huge transformation on the diet, waking up energized and revived, bright and bubbly throughout the day, etc. And I’m just not seeing that. I’m still getting doze-y at my desk at 3pm, falling asleep on the couch at 10, hitting snooze a couple times before I drag myself out of bed. I don’t think the issue is my sleeping habits; I had a sleep study a few months ago and got a clean bill of (sleep) health–no narcolepsy, apnea, etc. I get a good 8 hours of sleep a night and go to bed/wake up at approximately the same times every day.

I know I need to increase my exercise, so I am going to try to do that for the rest of the project and see if that helps. But if it doesn’t, then what? I am looking for a silver-bullet-answer where I know there probably isn’t one, but I can’t help but feel disappointed that cutting out all of these different potential toxins hasn’t improved this issue for me at all. And it might just be that I will never be a bubbly, energetic person, that I’ll always be a little tired and a little lazy and a little quiet. I just don’t want to resign myself to being okay with that.


10 responses to “Revive Day 25: In which I express some disappointment

  1. Have you ever had your iron levels tested? I take a suppliment 3 times a week (plus a daily multi) and it makes a noticible difference. (To people observing me, as well.)

  2. Taking a daily multivitamin has changed my LIFE. It contains B12 which is THE energy vitamin, and I have extra supplememts of it for extra draggy days, but for the most part the multivitamin has my back. I’ve never been able to be awake and alert from getting out of bed to going to sleep…I’ve always dozed or drifted off mid-day, mid-task. Now I’m just…awake. Not caffeinated-on-edge. Just awake. I loves. (To be thorough, each day my vitamin dosage is: 2,000 mg fish oil, 300 mg St. John’s Wort, 1,000 IU Vitamin D, and 1 generic one-a-day women’s multivitamin)

  3. sounds like your digestive issues went away since around Day 15 when you went off dairy? I can’t believe how much better I’ve felt since discovering I’m lactose intolerant. Lactaids usually work for me, but I feel best when I completely cut out dairy..
    I’m not on the revive diet but I have recently cut way back on caffeine, I’m taking a womens multivitamin, and staying mostly dairy-free, and I have actually started to see an increase in energy. At the very least I feel less like death at 3pm. Maybe give it a little more time being off dairy? I don’t know if my vitamins are helping or not but they are lactose and gluten-free:

    • Good call with the dairy. That’s what I’m wondering as well. Once these six weeks are up I plan to re-introduce items in reverse order of how I cut them every few days, to see if something causes a flare-up. I have a hunch it might be a dairy sensitivity causing bloating/dyspepsia issues. Which would be much better than a gluten sensitivity/allergy, in terms of my tastes and lifestyle choices!

  4. Thanks guys! You’ve helped me make an important connection already, which is this: vitamins make me vomit when I take them without food, and pretty nauseous still when I take them with food. Because I’ve been drinking smoothies on the way to work in the morning instead of eating solid food, I’ve been skipping my multi and B-complex quite a bit lately, bc my routine is different. I need to definitely fix that. Maybe banana in the morning w the vitamins before the smoothie. Will let you know how that works!

  5. Multis have always made me nauseous. So, I talked to my doctor and he recommended two things:

    1. Take all my suppliments (my multi, iron, and glucosamine/MSM) directly before bed. You’ll be asleep before the nausea hits. (And helps me remember to take them EVERY DAY.)
    2. He switched me to a multi that includes a tiny bit of caffine, so soften the blow. The couple of times I have taken them and then stayed up, the nausea is a lot less noticeable. I use One-A-Day Women’s Active Mind & Body.

  6. I’m super pro-multi. The other thing, and you mention it here, is exercise. Whoa baby, exercise makes all the difference for me. I sleep better, I have more energy and I WANT to eat better.

    Now, I’m one of the weirdos that feels funky when I don’t exercise. I can tell when my body wants to move.

  7. I wonder if the people who reported a huge energy increase were just eating more poorly before? So maybe for you the diet change wasn’t as drastic and thus the results aren’t either? I don’t know, just a thought.

    Interesting about the dairy – I do wonder if something I’m eating is leading to health issues that I just can’t manage to link together (mainly, my migraines). Maybe something like this, with the gradual approach, would be helpful to figure it out.

  8. My gyn put me on 1200 mg of fish oil twice a day, vitamin d, and esterC instead of the multi track. Given the time spent inside behind a desk, you might not be getting enough D and the fish oil (tons of omega3s) keeps your brain well oiled. It has definitely had an impact on my energy.

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