Hi everyone,
Sorry for the radio silence; there’s a lot going on here at the Grape Soda home that is keeping me busy. A little list update:
-We are moving in less than two weeks!
-We had to find a new place to move TO. We thought we had found a great situation near H Street NE, but the landlords were WAY slow in getting us a lease to sign. The longer we waited (and the more they put us off), the more I was convinced that they would not be responsive/reliable landlords.
-Luckily, we found an EVEN BETTER place to live. It is a rowhouse! It has stairs! There is a sweet little back patio for grilling! There is lavender growing in the front yard! Pictures once we move in.
-So, we are packing now. We’re at the point where we’ve packed all the unnecessaries, and now need to start making decisions about what we will and will not need in the next 12 days. Trying to cook lots of heavy things (cans of beans and tomatoes, soups, flour, etc.) so we don’t have to move them.
-Simultaneously, there’s other big stuff going on. JD just gave notice at his current job. He starts a great new job mid-March. I’m not allowed to talk about it yet but it is very exciting.
-And with no real obvious trigger, my asthma has been acting up like crazy the past few days. Which is stinky but not unusual for this time of year. Reinforces our decision to hire movers for the first time ever.

I know I owe everyone a post-revive-diet recap. Hope to get to that soon. In a nutshell, the results were good but not life-altering; I felt healthy enough to make some changes to my diet, but not enough for a complete overhaul. Specifics to come.

For now, I solicit your best moving advice or stories. My favorite tip is to make sure to assemble and make the bed right away, that way when you’re exhausted and it’s time for bed it’s ready and waiting for you. Any other tips?


4 responses to “Overwhelmed

  1. Label boxes by room so the movers don’t dump them just anywhere. Use color-coded stickers for each room (as well as the actual name of the room)–then everything is put in the right place for you. Don’t use extra large boxes–you pack them too full and no one wants to move them. Splurge for the mattress bags.

  2. YAY place! YAY new job!!

    Fingers crossed for the move to go well.

  3. “pivot, pivot!!” can you name that Friends episode?? 🙂

    seriously, good call on the movers. i would think they’ll be well worth the money! can’t wait to see pictures of the new place– it sounds awesome!

  4. If you know you’re leaving loose things till the last minute, have more empty boxes and supplies than you think you’ll need. And be sure to have a plan for meals. nothing is more crab inducing than moving while hungry! Good luck, and congrats to JD on the new job!

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