Move is Complete!

Me on twitter on moving day

That was a longer blog break than I thought it would be! To recap, here are all the things that have happened since my last post:

  • We found a better house to move into after our first-choice rental punked out on us.
  • We packed all of our worldly belongings.
  • Three strong men came and moved all of our worldly belongings a grand total of four blocks. Best money I ever spent.
  • Those three strong men could not get our bed and boxspring up the teeny tiny staircase of our new place. (It was still the best money I ever spent though).
  • We rented a carpet cleaner so we could stand a chance at getting our deposit back from our old apartment, where the property managers are notoriously stingy about these things.
  • JD tech’d his new show. For folks not familiar with the theatre process, this essentially meant that I did not see him for five days and basically unpacked the house on my own.
  • We went to Ikea and bought a platform bed (no boxspring necessary! Ha!) and a new armchair for good measure.
  • JD had his last day at his old job.
  • JD opened his new show.
  • It was my birthday!
  • JD started his new job. He has his own office with a door that closes. So jealous.
  • We finally unloaded our boxspring via craigslist, and can now finish unpacking the last room of the house (the dining room, where the boxspring was being stored).

So, yeah, that’s a lot! A lot more for JD than for me, but now that we are hitched I get to claim some of his stress as my stress too. Which is why I was able to justify a birthday facial AND massage. Win-win!

Some of the amazing flora at our new place.

Jumping back into blogging this week. On tap:

  • Finally getting around to the recap of the Revive diet, plus details on how I’m sustaining lessons learned.
  • A grand tour of our new house! We have like three more boxes to unpack and then I will take lots of pics.
  • Planning Easter dinner! It will be just like planning Thanksgiving dinner, only more asparagus and less stuffing.
  • New series, Running with Scissors Asthma. Pretty self-explanatory.




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