And you’ll find that you’re in the rotogravure

Name that lyric! (Totally obscure, sorry about that.)

I am taking over holiday meals like gangbusters! Easter is all mine: salad, dinner, dessert. And yet again, I am going to try to subtly force my healthy eating habits on the rest of my family. Unfortunately JD has a show so he won’t be at my mom’s this Easter to grace us with his creative egg-decorating skillz:

Here’s what I’m thinking so far for the menu:

Salad: A nice light spinach salad? Maybe with strawberries, cucumber, and a bit of goat cheese?

Mains: Chicken and Salmon. Probably chicken on the grill, it’s just easier that way, marinated in something tasty beforehand. Yogurt-based marinade? And baked salmon with just some lemon and dill and garlic.

Sides: Mom has requested rice. I’m going to do brown rice. Some sort of pilaf? I would like to incorporate peas, since apparently my adorable niece has a newfound appreciation for peas. Gratuitous adorable shot of adorable niece from last Easter!:

Also for the side: Asparagus, of course, since it’s spring! And rolls or bread. Maybe homemade? Depends on how much time I have.

And for dessert, there will be bunny cake. Tradition states that the bunny cake will be made from a box cake, with tubs of frosting and drops of food coloring from technicolor tubes. So I probably won’t be eating any of it, though it’s fun to create. I will be supplementing dessert with a strawberry buttermilk cake, a variation of my good old standby from smitten kitchen. Yum.

The only photo I could find of past bunny cakes is upside down. Sorry!

What is on your Spring Celebration menu?



3 responses to “And you’ll find that you’re in the rotogravure

  1. We do a bunny cake, too! Our cake is homemade and has coconut shaving “fur”, though. we give it color by adding food coloring to some of the shavings.

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