Halfway There

Today I am 20 weeks pregnant, according to the doctors’ crazy way of measuring pregnancy, which is counter-intuitive at best. But even though I know in my head that I’ve technically only been pregnant for 17.5 weeks, I’m still psyched about today because all the books say that today is the halfway point!

Practicing. Thanks to David and Alex for all the awesome hand-me-downs, including this Baby Bjorn!

So far the second trimester is AWESOME. Granted, our first trimester was rough–morning sickness, miscarriage scares (a since-resolved subchorionic hematoma), and OH RIGHT appendicitis–but the second trimester is really lovely. Feeling good, able to be pretty active, and a cute baby bump to boot.

I’ve been to prenatal yoga 6 weeks in a row so far. My goal was to go every week from the point where I was cleared by the surgeon until I would have to miss a week for Thanksgiving, and I have one more class to go to meet that goal. Hooray! Take that, appendicitis! I really love the practice at this studio. It’s a lot of the same women week after week, and it’s supportive and healing without being too crunchy. And it’s a good workout!

Tomorrow is our 20-week ultrasound (anatomy scan). This is where the ultrasound tech gets a good look at all of Burpy’s organs (brain, heart, stomach and kidneys, etc) to make sure everything is developing correctly and on schedule. And, yes, if the baby cooperates and shows off his/her crotch we’ll get to see what the sex is, but we’re not going to tell any of you so don’t even ask. Burpy is apparently the same size as all of these fruits and veggies right now:

  • small cantaloupe
  • banana
  • coconut
  • butternut squash
  • carrot

I’m not clear on how all of those are remotely the same size, so let’s get an outside look. A visual review of the first half of this pregnancy (that first pic is pre-appendicitis!):

We’re trying to take advantage of this “easy” trimester by making some decisions. We spent some time in Babies R Us the other day test driving car seats and strollers and just generally getting a feel for how much gear we’ll need. We’re planning on making some less-than-traditional choices (midwife birth, skipping the infant carseat, cloth diapers, not really setting up a “nursery”), so we figure the more research and thinking we do now, the more prepared we’ll be for all the inevitable judgment. I know that as much judgment and advice we got during wedding planning will be 100x worse for baby stuff. No avoiding it.

Our Babies R Us adventure included some Darth Vader love. Of course.

This week is also our first group prenatal session at our birthing center. All of our prenatal visits will be in group settings with all the other women due in March 2013. We meet every two weeks and talk about what’s going on with us in our pregnancies, learn all the stuff we need to know about breastfeeding, labor/delivery, and infant care, and get measured and checked up by the midwife. I’m excited about the communal nature of these sessions, it’ll be nice to chat with other women who are in the same place we are, more or less. More about these sessions to come, I’m sure!

So, that’s where we are at the halfway mark. 20 more weeks to go. Oh! And more movement from Burpy lately. I think. Still having a hard time distinguishing between baby kicks and gas bubbles. The difference will be obvious soon enough…


4 responses to “Halfway There

  1. Very awesome! You and Burpy are beautiful!

  2. Oh, Vader. Perfect for the babe! 🙂

  3. Yay! This is all awesome stuff.

  4. Hi!
    I’m an often-absent NB. I just clicked on a link to your Appendicitis story here from somewhere you linked to on the NB Twitter account.
    My P & I hope to become pregnant in the near future, so I’m especially interested in hearing about the how & why of some of your “non-traditional” decisions (midwife [your birthing center sounds fabulous!], no carseat, cloth diapers, no nursery). We live in a fairly progressive city, so I’ll have access to information & choices, but not much living space!

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