One of the weirder things about pregnancy is that it is simultaneously a crazy experience in and of itself, and a time of preparation for an even bigger adventure to come. I find myself see-sawing between taking time to really connect with (and dare I say even enjoy?) the state of being pregnant and tackling the ever-growing to-do list while I am still mobile and in good spirits.


I hope I’m not jinxing myself by saying this, but I feel GREAT. No, I don’t just feel great–I feel healthier than I felt before I got pregnant. Is this a thing that happens? Possibly. I know one aspect of it is: according to my pulmonologist, about 1/3 of pregnant women with asthma notice a huge decrease in their symptoms while pregnant. And I am the 33.3%! I haven’t used my emergency inhaler since before I got pregnant, and my usual cold-weather flare-ups haven’t materialized yet (knock on wood). And my thyroid numbers are the lowest they’ve been since we started testing them (when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism while we were trying to conceive).

But even in a non-diagnostic, anecdotal sense, I just feel healthy. I’m eating a bit better, minus the occasional grilled bacon and cheese indulgence, and keeping up with yoga (7 weeks in a row leading up to Thanksgiving!). I’m much more energetic, I’m getting surprisingly good sleep, and I have zero aches or pains right now. I know this won’t last forever; as my belly expands things will start to hurt, and I know I won’t get through the whole of winter without a single cold. But for now, I am trying to relish every moment.

I’ll probably also do my one-hour glucose test at our next prenatal session. I think Burpy will like it. He/She has been kicking up a storm lately, especially when I drink something sugary. We’re JUST ABOUT to the point where Josh is able to feel the kicks from the outside. Part of that is that my placenta is attached to the front of my uterus, so there’s an extra layer of stuff separating the kicks from the outside world. But within a few weeks it should be much easier to feel. Just in time for holiday visits with family 😉


As much as I would love to spend my time right now sitting on the couch, sipping OJ and feeling for little Burpy kicks, there’s a lot to do! We spent a lot of November trying to get our registries in order.

EDIT: I spent a few paragraphs here talking about our registries, complaining about the web interface at Babies R Us compared to Amazon, dissecting our carseat decision, etc. And? I can’t manage to write about this shit without sounding like a privileged douchebag. The truth is, we are SO LUCKY to be in a position to have a registry at all, amazing friends throwing us a shower, etc. So I deleted it all. Instead, please accept this picture of Swedish meatballs at Ikea, and one of Josh measuring changing tables there with the little Ikea paper measuring tape.


If folks are interested in the what/why of our registries I’d be happy to do a little roundup. But really, until Burpy gets here and we see how it all works, these choices are made as much in the dark as any, though granted with tons of research and input from family/friends/awesome internet communities.



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  1. So glad you’re feeling well!

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