2013: The year of the Burpy

As we say goodbye to 2012, I am trying to mentally prepare myself for it to be the same year as the year we become responsible for a tiny human. I don’t know quite how to be prepared for so much to change. Lots of time spent with socializing with family and friends over the holidays meant lots of choruses of “You’ll see!” and “You’ll never sleep again!” and my personal favorite “There’s no way to prepare for this!” That last is hard to hear for a couple of pathological planners.


This was 3 weeks ago.

We have a long to-do list of projects we hope to accomplish in 2013: figuring out how we’ll configure our space for Burpy; sorting out things like insurance, wills, and savings; reading the rest of the baby books and watching The Business of Being Born. But my big personal resolution for 2013 is to trust myself to know what’s best for me, my kid, my family. After a recent experience where I got a lot of negative feedback during a conversation about pregnancy that I really let bother me, I realize I hsould probably work on letting judgment roll off my back. So, in 2013 I am going to own my choices and stick to my guns (but not so stubbornly that I discount other possibilities).

The (pretty gross) drink for the glucose test. I got to drink this twice!

The (pretty gross) drink for the glucose test. I got to drink this twice!

We are now officially in the third trimester. Crazy! I have passed both of my glucose tests (which: ew), so there’s no worry about gestational diabetes at this point. My blood pressure has been pretty steady and my weight gain has been in the normal range (even though my midwives would like it a LITTLE lower…). Apart from a cold I caught during our Christmas trip to Iowa and am having a hard time getting rid of, I’m feeling pretty good! Burpy’s movements have gotten a lot more pronounced, which is fun for everyone now that they can feel too. As long as it doesn’t keep me up at night (and it still doesn’t), it’s all good.

Abby feeling for kicks.

My one pet peeve right now (speaking of sticking to my guns) is how annoyed everyone seems to be with our decision to keep Burpy’s sex a secret. Mostly their insistence that they can’t possibly buy clothes for the baby if they don’t know what the sex is. As far as I’m concerned, as long as the clothing doesn’t explicitly have the words “boy” or “girl” on it, then it’s fine. Right? Which, honestly, this reaction is partly why we’re keeping the sex a secret. So many assumptions are made about babies before they’re born, based on this one piece of information. If the baby is a girl, she can’t possibly like dinosaurs or puppies, so I can’t buy anything with that stuff on it. If it’s a boy, he’ll turn gay if we dress him in something with flowers, obviously. Point is: we’re not keeping the sex a secret to be big jerks. I just want to give little Burpy as many chances as possible to be who he or she will be, without society telling them what to like (and more importantly, what not to like). And we’ll start that off with onesies in a whole rainbow of colors, and try our hardest to keep it going as long as we can.

At 27 weeks!

At 27 weeks!

So, off my soapbox. We will ring in 2013 by being who we are, unapologetically, and in about 3 months we’ll welcome a new little one into the world who, I hope, will have all the best parts of us, with plenty of room to be him- or herself. Next year will be epic. I kind of can’t wait.


3 responses to “2013: The year of the Burpy

  1. I HATE when people say “you’ll never sleep again” or “sleep now while you still can!!!” -That’s so negative!!! And for the keeping the gender a secret thing…….I can’t imagine how people are responding! We only kept Harper’s name a secret until my baby shower, and my in laws had a FIT because we wouldn’t tell them. I kept telling them I just wanted to make it a super special announcement and I wanted to make it a gift to them, but they were just in a big huff about it! Now we are expecting a boy and we just plain cant decide on a name so we may keep them waiting with this one too haha! I think people are so annoyed that this one special thing is yours and yours only to soak up! You should go on etsy.com and find all the cute grey/yellow stuff and send everyone the links to the cuteness that is gender neutral!!

  2. I cannot express how excited I get when I see you’ve written another post! As one of the people who very well may have said any of those things, even being sleepy/unprepared isn’t so bad. I don’t always like getting up initially, but when Isaac is drinking, half-asleep its one of the best parts of the day even if it is at 3 am. Because its just us and he is too sleepy to wiggle out of the cuddle 🙂 I may be better rested, but I will be sad when he no longer gets up.

    As for the preparing, its true there is only so much you can prepare for. I mean you are meeting a new little person who has a very distinctive personality that no one has met yet so there isn’t a way to ‘plan’ for that. However, there also probably won’t be any emergency trips for a special toy either! 🙂 You don’t really ‘need’ that much, the extra stuff is pretty readily available, and Burpy will survive just fine without it. S/He doesn’t even know the stuff exists, its not like they cry for a rattle before they’ve ever seen one!

    You guys are awesome parents already! I can’t wait to meet baby bryner 🙂

    • I should have clarified that those ridiculous comments almost 100% came from people we had never met at holiday parties who were like “Oh, you’re pregnant? Let me give you tons of useless advice even though I JUST MET YOU!” Josh and I have actually had conversations after those events when we’re like “Ugh, why can’t everyone be as helpful and chill as Jess & Joe?” Not even lying, those words have come out of our mouths in that exact order. You guys are like our role models in terms of being ready to roll with whatever is going on. It’s a learning process for us, wince we’re used to being able to use a spreadsheet to solve all our problems, but we’ve got such a great support system!

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