Playing Games


Now that we’re firmly in the third trimester, I’m starting to feel a little more of the stereotypical pregnancy symptoms: achey back, swollen fingers (need to do something with my wedding ring!), lots of grunting when I sit down and get back up.

We have a glider now. We put it together without killing each other so this baby should be no sweat.

We have a glider now. We put it together without killing each other so this baby should be no sweat.

But here’s something I wasn’t expecting: a little personality emerging from my belly. All throughout this pregnancy, I’ve been very careful with my vocabulary when referring to Burpy. Burpy was an embryo. Then Burpy was a fetus. Mostly Burpy has just been Burpy, because that seemed easiest. But lately, Burpy feels more and more like a baby.

Taken at Josh's grandmother's farm this weekend.

Taken at Josh’s grandmother’s farm this weekend.

This became glaringly apparent this past Saturday night. I had started to notice that there is a spot on the upper right hand side of my belly that seemed… a little bulge-y. It took me a bit to realize that what I was feeling was, in all likelihood, either feet or knees. (At least we hope they are bottom parts and not top parts–head down, Burpy! I have too many friends who’ve had c-sections due to breech positioning!)

So I called Josh over so he could share in the weirdness of feeling lumpy Burpy parts sticking out of my belly. Josh pushed down on the bump. And Burpy pushed right back. We thought we were imagining things, so he did it again. And again. Rationally, I knew that Burpy was reacting to external stimuli, which in itself was pretty awesome. But emotionally, I was watching my husband and my baby play a game. And I just about lost it–pregnancy hormones!–and Josh and I giggled as we spent a few more minutes poking the poor kid.

So, yeah: this pregnancy thing is pretty cool.


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