EDB Update: Months 1 and 2!

(I meant to do this at one month, but it turns out having a one-month-old leaves not a lot of time for blogging. So we’re starting at Month 2!)


Vital Statistics: Our little Emmett is not so little anymore! At your 2-month checkup, you weighed in at exactly 14 pounds, and measured 23″. Your doctor was MIGHTY impressed with your weight gain; they usually like for babies to double their weight by 6 months, and you did it in 2!

Opening Day!

Opening Day!

Developmental Milestones: We’re not sure when your first social smile officially was, but you’re a very smiley guy now. (Though sometimes your smiles are definitely because of gas, and not your parents’ funny faces!) You’ve also started cooing a lot, which is adorable and much better than all the grunting you did for the first month and a half. You’re getting much better at holding your head up, so all that tummy time is paying off!

Smiley dude.

Smiley dude!

Eating: You eat like a champ! Your weight gain is good evidence of that (I’m convinced someone is sneaking you cheeseburgers behind my back). You also eat OFTEN, every 90 minutes or 2 hours during the day for up to half an hour. That’s a lot of time at the boob. You also love it when your daddy gives you bottles of pumped milk every few days; you suck those bottles down FAST.

First Bottle!

First Bottle!

Sleeping: Let’s be real, your sleeping has not been great. Just in the last week or two you’ve started having long stretches of sleep at the beginning of the night. A couple of times you’ve gone as long as 5 hours, which is amazing. It’s still a work in progress though, and you definitely still have nights of waking every 2 hours (or less).

Aquatic Gardens! (Baby geese in the background.)

Aquatic Gardens! (Baby geese in the background.)

Likes: Being worn in one of our 3 different baby carriers. Riding in the car or the stroller. Being held and danced around. Singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” Getting hosed down at the end of your bath. Staring at your best friend the ceiling fan.


Azaleas at the Arboretum!

Dislikes: Sitting in any of the 67 baby-containing-devices we have in our tiny house. Really, sitting anywhere that isn’t a human’s arms for more than 5 minutes. Being hungry. Being naked.

Aunt Jess and Uncle Matt!

Aunt Jess and Uncle Matt!

New Friends: You’ve met so many new people! Grammy and Aunt Katie were there at the hospital when you were born, and Kate Dav came to visit the hospital too. Your Aunt Danielle and Cousin Abby stopped by a week later. Lots of amazing people brought us food and good company in those first weeks: Elaine, Pat and Karen (and Alex!), Tom, Liz, the Sniders, Wyckham, Kate L, Dan, and probably a bunch of other people I’m forgetting. Photos here! We also had a nice visit with your Uncle Matt and Aunt Jess, who flew in from Colorado and Arizona respectively to spend a weekend with you! You got to visit with your dad’s colleagues at Ford’s Theatre and your mom’s colleagues at the NEA. You’ve met LOTS of amazing folks already! And more are coming soon.


Grammy and Aunt Katie!

Aunt Danielle and Cousin Abby!

Adventures: You have been a very active baby! We go to Eastern Market a few times a week. We’ve also taken walks to the park, Capitol, and the Folger Shakespeare Library (site of your parents’ first date!). During the week we’re enjoying MOTH playgroup and Mommy-and-Me yoga. On your 1-month birthday, we went to the Arboretum to see the azaleas blooming. We went back there when your Aunt Jess and Uncle Matt came to visit. We spent a day in Old Town Alexandria on your dad’s last day of paternity leave. You’ve already been to two museums (the Anacostia Community Museum and the National Portrait Gallery), and we explored the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens right before your 2-month birthday. And ironically, your first trip to Nats Park wasn’t for baseball, but for Opera in the Outfield, where the whole family plus Aunt Katie enjoyed the first half of Showboat.

Getting so big!

Getting so big!


2 responses to “EDB Update: Months 1 and 2!

  1. Yay E! I’m seriously impressed with all the fun adventures you guys have been on already.

  2. SO freaking adorable.

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