EDB Update: Month 3

So Big!

So Big!

Vital Statistics: You continue to grow and grow (and grow). We haven’t had any doctor appointments since your 2-month checkup, but about halfway through the month we went for a class at the DC Breastfeeding Center and I stuck you on the scale real quick. 15.5 pounds. By now I’m sure you’ve topped 16. Good job, baby!

You are awesome at sticking out your tongue!

You are awesome at sticking out your tongue!

Developmental Milestones: Oh man, the smiles are crazy. And you do this thing where you mimic our facial expressions, so there’s been a lot of sticking-out of tongues in this house in the past few weeks. Eventually we’ll probably frown on that but for now it’s awesome. You’ve discovered how to get your hands to your month, so you’ll happily suck on your fingers for a while. You’re not quite rolling over yet; you get about halfway there and then just hang out on your side for forever.

Botanical Gardens!

Botanical Gardens!

Eating: Yup, still eating. A lot. Boob, bottle, fresh, frozen (and thawed), straight out of the fridge… If it’s breastmilk, you will suck it down. We’ll see how that plays out at daycare next week!

The Zoo!

The Zoo!

Sleeping: (Please don’t let this be a jinx!) You have become an amazing sleeper. Most nights you sleep 9-5 or 10-6. It has made life pretty amazing for your mama. Let’s hope it continues once daycare starts (and that they get you on a nap schedule, because let’s be honest, we’ve kind of fallen down on the job in that regard. Ooops. That’s why we pay the daycare ladies!)

So many smiles lately!

So many smiles lately!

Likes: You still LOVE being worn, which makes getting around so easy! But also sweaty when it’s hot out. You love it when your daddy reads you books, or when anyone engages with your face way up close. You now like to face out and see what’s going on, whether you’re on a lap or being held or worn. And you love your mobile that spins and plays music! You’re also digging on baths and baby yoga.

Grandma and Grandpa Fink at Ford's Theatre!

Grandma and Grandpa Fink at Ford’s Theatre!

Dislikes: Still not a big fan of hanging out in one place, but you’re getting better at it. You don’t like being too sweaty, which you’re going to have to get over kid, because DC summers = BALL OF SWEAT. For everyone.

You and your dad on Father's Day at the Arboretum.

You and your dad on Father’s Day at the Arboretum.

New Friends:
You met so many people your first two months, but month 3 had its own exciting introductions: your mama’s friend Issy came down for 5 whole days and traipsed all around DC with you. And you got to meet your Grandma and Grandpa Fink, who came all the way from Iowa just to meet you! They were here on Father’s Day, which was a nice way to celebrate with your dad. You gave him the best t-shirt ever! Don’t worry, there’s plenty more folks who are psyched to get to know you this summer. (Photos of EDB and friends)

When you make an album with your Cousin Abby, this will be the cover photo.

When you make an album with your Cousin Abby, this will be the cover photo.

Adventures: Oh my goodness baby, where haven’t you been? Between a week-long visit with Aunt Danielle and Cousin Abby, another week with Issy, a weekend with your grandparents, not to mention a mama with a degree in museum education, you have been quite the tourist in your own city. Should we just list all the places you’ve been this past month in bullets? I think so:

  • National Museum of Natural History (twice)
  • National Gallery of Art (and Sculpture Garden)
  • National Zoo (twice)
  • National Aquarium
  • National Museum of American History
  • US Botanic Gardens
  • National Harbor
  • Charles Sumner School
  • US Arboretum
  • National Museum of the American Indian
  • Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens
  • Ford’s Theatre (and Center for Education and Leadership)
  • NPR headquarters
  • and TWO baseball games!
First Baseball Game!

First Baseball Game!

The baseball games were probably the most fun, although you weren’t really sure about the loud noises (a lot of which were coming from your parents! Sorry dude.) So far you’ve seen one win and one loss. Hopefully there’ll be more wins in store for you this season! (Photos of EDB’s Adventures)

You and Abe!

You and Abe!

Miscellaneous: Two big things happened around you this month. Our favorite hardware store, Frager’s, had a HUGE fire. The store was 92 years old. Oh no! Luckily we got you a onesie from there a few weeks before the fire, which you proudly wore to the opening of their temporary site.
The other thing that happened was that the Supreme Court struck down a law called the Defense of Marriage Act. It prevented married same-sex couples from having the same rights as married opposite-sex couples. I hope that someday in history class when you learn about that law you will say “That sounds like a really dumb law, and I can’t believe it ever existed! How silly!” The Supreme Court actually HEARD the case on the day you were born, and announced their decision on your 3-month birthday, so I like to think that you were good luck somehow!
At the Frager's temporary site ribbon cutting!

At the Frager’s temporary site ribbon cutting!


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  1. This is such a great way to keep track of EBD’s growth! He has had a lot of adventures, and he looks super cute doing them.

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