EDB Update: Month 4



Vital Statistics: At your 4-month checkup you measured 25.75 inches (74th percentile) and weighed 18 pounds 5 ounces (94th percentile)! Your mom and dad couldn’t stop smiling as all the doctors and nurses commented on how big and healthy you are. We are so proud!

You had your first cold on the 4th of July, but that didn’t stop us from hitting up the parade!

Developmental Milestones: Grabbing! You are a grabbing machine! There were a few days when you would use your two fists to sort of hug a toy and get it close to your mouth, and we thought “Oh, wow! Guess he’ll be doing this for a couple weeks.” But no! You graduated  to grabbing with open hands/fingers almost immediately. So now anything that comes within your field of vision gets grabbed and pulled toward your mouth. Toys, burp cloths, even your mom’s hair. It’s all very exciting but might get old soon.

You have also become quite the babbler. You have periods where you will “talk” for a long time, even if it seems like no one is around to hear you. Or it’s 4am.

You haven’t quite got the hang of rolling over yet, and it’s because of your big elbow that keeps getting in the way. Once you roll, though, I predict there will be no stopping you.

Eating: You continue to eat. In a surprising twist, you don’t eat as much in daycare as you do at home, which is SO GREAT because it means it’s easy to keep up with your bottle needs while pumping at work. I hope I haven’t just jinxed us there.
You and your dad matching, which was not entirely planned!

Sleeping: Sleeping has been a little uneven lately. Last month you were a rockstar, sleeping straight from 10 to 4. Nowadays you have a wake-up or two in between. Growth spurt? I hope not, because you’re outgrowing your clothes too quickly! You sleep like a champ for the daycare ladies, though, so maybe we should get some tips from them.
Your first day at daycare/Mama’s first day back at work.

Likes: Your book that crinkles! And your turtle that crinkles! Basically anything that crinkles, and also generally anything that you can get your little hands on and pull to your mouth. Mirrors. Peek-a-boo. Your daddy singing silly songs. Raspberries on the soles of your feet.
Reading your favorite book.

Dislikes: Middle-of-the-night diaper changes. Shots. Wind blowing in your face. Being put into boxes for gag photos for our moving announcement.


New Friends: Now that you and mommy have started daycare and work, there’ve been fewer visitors. You were super psyched to meet Bryn and Timothy right after you turned 3 months old. You also met a lot of new friends at daycare. Also this month, two new little guys were born that you’ll hopefully get to meet soon: your new cousin Clyde, and your new friend Charlie! (Photos of EDB and friends)
You and Bryn and Timothy staring off into the distance.

 Adventures: When Bryn and Timothy were here you had your first trip to Ben’s Chili Bowl, and your first tour of the museum at Ford’s Theatre (where mama taught you all about Lincoln’s assassination). But the BIGGEST adventures this month were starting daycare at the beginning of the month, and moving around the corner at the end of the month! You survived both those things like a champ, since you are the most adaptable baby ever. Your parents, on the other hand, could use a nice long nap.  (Photos of EDB’s Adventures)


 You, Mama, and the Deringer


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