EDB Update: Month 8!


Vital Statistics: No idea. You don’t have another checkup until January! If I had to guess I’d say you’re pushing 25 pounds now, but that might just be my tired arms talking. We can definitely see that your face has started thinning out a bit, and we’ll be sad when those delicious arm rolls are gone for good.


Farewell, arm rolls. Sniff.

Developmental Milestones: You’re still rolling. You’re not the least bit interested in crawling, but that’s cool. It means we can continue to put off babyproofing! You are starting to mimic sounds more, which is fun for two theatre people with a captive audience. Your fine motor skills get finer every day. Your big trick is that you will grab our hands and pull yourself up to standing. Over and over and over again. Once you’re standing you’ll look around the room with a facial expression that shows you could not be more pleased with yourself, and has everyone taken note of your amazing success in standing? They have, kiddo. Trust me.



Eating: You’re still pretty wary of most solids. And you should be! How weird is it that people eat food that requires them to chew and swallow when we could probably get most of our sustenance from liquids?! Bananas and broccoli are still your BFFs.
Sleeping: Oof. Let’s just say that teething plus traveling plus developmental progress means not a lot of long stretches of sleep. It’s a work in progress.


Big Hotel Bed!

Likes: Stacking cups, plush Santa, grabbing our hands to pull up to standing.


Trying on your cold-weather duds!

Dislikes: Long stretches of sleep. Cold weather. Pants.



New Friends: Oh man. We went to New York and met EVERYBODY. Well, everybody on your mom’s side of the family. Plus some friends. It was a lot of people.  (Photos of EDB and friends)


The house where your mama grew up.


Halfway through the NY trip, and only slightly overwhelmed. Aunt Mary is awesome!

Adventures:  Halloween happened! You were a delightful Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Or a sailor, or the Pillsbury Dough Boy, depending on the age of the person guessing your costume. We saw some friends at Hilloween and got in a good bit of trick-or-treating before your parents decided they had enough candy to last them a week. Fun! Our road trip to NY was a big adventure. You slept most of the way there and back, so thanks for that! You were technically in 4 of the 5 boroughs, but who needs the Bronx?    (Photos of EDB’s Adventures)


Who you gonna call?


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