10428711_856256757758_1390520776341720736_nThings I don’t want to forget, on your second birthday:

  • We have flowers on the table, and when you ask to smell them you lean in and pretty much blow your nose INTO them.
  • We’ve been working on counting. You keep skipping two and going straight to three. So we’ve been focused on two. The other night you started counting and went all the way to twelve. Except for two. We were so focused on two we didn’t realize how far you could go! You are always surprising us.
  • When it’s time for bed and we’re saying good night I say “Sweet Dreams!” and you say “Tweet Dweeb!” and then my heart melts in a puddle. Every night.
  • You are learning rules and routines. One of our rules is that everyone has to be finished eating before you are excused from the table. So every night when you’re done you gesture to me with an upturned palm and say “Mama, you finished?” then “Dada, you finished?” Then we ask if you’re finished and most of the time you smile slyly and claim “NO!” Because you are silly.
  • You are learning your colors. Kind of. According to you, everything is blue. So you are right about 1/10 of the time.

Happy Two!


One response to “Two!

  1. Two! So big! Frances used to do the same thing with flowers. So funny.

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