House! A year ago today we were in the middle of buying our house! 

It looks a lot different today than it did then. Mostly done with the living room, dining room, guest room, and kitchen, next up are the bathrooms. Lots of wallpaper and wood. 

Tonight while EDB was in the bath I started peeling. The good news: the paper itself peeled in big strips. But: the backing is holding firm. Peeling now forces me to get a move on, since wallpaper backing is ugly and an insect delicacy. I will probably just keep a spray bottle, vinegar, and a scraper in there to remove the backing a bit at a time. Then I’ll just need a weekend to prime and paint–bright white so as not to clash with the blue tub and tile. 

We bathe Emmett twice a week. At that rate the wallpaper should be peeled… by 2017. 

Eventually we’ll want to replace all the wood accents in there with chrome, probably. And then way down the line (or once we win the lottery), a new sink/vanity/medicine chest. Baby steps!

More house updates to come! 


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