Dining Room #fbf

Flashback Friday! Here is a quick before/after of the dining room. After picture taken from the comfort of my couch and while teleworking. Sorry for crappy phone pic, it’s hard to compare it to the fancy realtor photos.



What we did:

  • removed carpet
  • removed wallpaper under chair rail
  • painted walls charcoal grey (Valspar Crucible)
  • painted trim Valspar Ultra White
  • switched out light fixture
  • switched out switchplates and outlet covers
  • added trim to the tiles since there was a difference in height
  • curtains! I bought the fabric at Ikea and mom helpfully hemmed them

Still to do:

  • get a sideboard or some sort of cabinet for the wall with the door
  • eventually upgrade the table
  • in my wildest dreams, we will remove the popcorn ceiling someday

Eventually we’ll get in some other before/afters of different perspectives of the dining room. I’m hoping this becomes a regular feature! Maybe bimonthly?


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