A quick bathroom update

Here is the stunning before, as taken from the realtor photos that were on the virtual tour when the house was listed last year:


All that wood! That wallpaper! Why would you use two of the most porous materials possible in a BATHROOM? It boggles the mind. The shower curtain is hiding a blue bathtub, by the way, along with sliding glass doors (on a bathtub? Why?), which were the first things we removed when we moved in. Also the floor is blue and white tiles.

Here’s a photo mid-backing-peeling:

Here’s the bathroom today:

So far I have:

  • removed aforementioned shower doors
  • taken down all the accessories (soap dish, toothbrush holder, towel bar, etc). All wood. WHY.
  • peeled off the wallpaper
  • scraped off the backing
  • Removed the wallpaper glue from the wall sections above the tub.

You can kind of see in this picture the difference between where I scrubbed off the paste (lighter, on the right) and where I haven’t yet (darker, on the left). I bought myself some stripper to help with this process. It REEKS of toxic chemicals but it is a big help so far.

The walls are… not in great shape. They will need to be sanded, and they will need a good coat of oil-based primer. Right now since they tiles are blue and white and there is zero natural light I think I’m just going to paint it white. Crazy, I know. I like to walk on the wild side sometimes.


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